Our expert web team was hard at work today ( as they always are! ) getting our clients set up with their modern new web presences. Getting these clients started with a robust online presence is an important milestone in their businesses journey. 

If you’ve tried to build a website of your own you’ve likely encountered design challenges, confusing configurations, unfamiliar interfaces, and other headaches along the way. When you partner with Advantage Media Partners you’re getting a team of dedicated experts to help you along the way and make every step as smooth as possible. Spend your time building your business and let our team of experts handle your online presence. Our job is to make your website work for you.

Learn how Advantage Media Partners Expert Web Team Does it!

Advantage Media Partner’s team of dedicated designers and developers build custom, modern, intuitive websites that today’s users demand. Studies show that a poorly designed website can quickly deter a potential customer from engaging further with a business, which is not good for business. 

Once our designers and developers have completed the website one of our talented account managers reaches out and works together with the client to fine-tune the website to match their vision and business goals. Once the website has been approved it moves on to our technical mastermind web wizard, Jeremy, who then works with the client to get their domain name created, web server set up, and finally launch their brand new website and kick start their web presence! 

It doesn’t stop there either, once the site is up and running our expert web team is always available to answer any questions, concerns, or expansion inquiries our clients have about their site. We take pride in our customer service and always strive to make sure our clients are happy and that their websites are achieving the goals they envision. 

And it still doesn’t stop there either! The website gets sent to our expert ad and marketing team who work to drive traffic to the website and depending on the services selected our stellar SEO experts may even optimize the website too. But all that is a post for another day! 

We wanted to highlight some of the recent work we’ve put out and give a shoutout to our web team and their awesome work! 

Steve Burton Properties – Web Design and Monthly AdWords campaign

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Steve Burton is a real estate developer in New Mexico and needed a website to showcase a number of properties he has available to develop. By partnering with Advantage Media Partners Steve Burton has got a brand new website dedicated to these properties and a robust advertising campaign to back it up. 

Reel Nauti Charters – Web Design and Monthly AdWords campaign 

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Reel Nauti Charters is a fishing charter service out of Maryland that offers not only fishing but also crabbing and corporate events. By using custom images from the client our expert web team created a unique experience for any potential clients. Creating a custom website that houses the details of the charter and provides easy access to contact the charter sets this apart from competitors and gives them an edge against those who are only using basic, cookie-cutter Facebook profiles or generic fishing templates to promote their business. 

Women Mastering Confidence – Web Design and Monthly AdWords campaign 

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Women Mastering Confidence focuses on therapy, nutrition, and overall well-being for women. They required a landing page to express their unique services in order to empower women and help them grow into their ideal selves. The website was designed with this in mind and aims to send a positive and empowering message to its users. Backed by a well-designed and thoughtful ad campaign we’re sure Women Mastering Confidence will continue to grow and improve the community of Maryland. 

Honest Johns Towing  – Web Design and Monthly AdWords campaign 

expert web team blog image 4

It’s all in the name, short, sweet, and to the point! Honest John needed a website to reach potential clients in the New Jersey area, his business name really says it all, he’ll tow your car and he’ll buy your junk cars! Many towing services rely on generic business listings and social media accounts to get their business but they’re missing out on so many opportunities to set themselves apart from their competitors with a unique website, even if it is short and sweet!