Digital Marketing Services offered by Advantage Media Partners

Required for Google's Partnership

Being a Google Partner signifies that Advantage Media Partners has multiple employees who are certified in Google AdWords, continuously meet Google’s performance standards, show growth in client base, and participate in ongoing trainings.

Benefits working with a Google Partner

Google Partners are Experts

AMP will help you produce the best campaign. We have experience with Google Ads and have staff that is highly trained to work with Google Ads. You’re partnering with an agency that knows the ins and outs of Google Advertising.

Latest PPC Updates

When working with Advantage Media Partners, you’re working with a company that is up to date on all the latest changes. Google requires their Partners to constantly learn the changes and to retake the certification exams.

We Can Help you Quickly

A Google Partner has a Dedicated Google Agency team that they can contact. If your campaign is running and is attacked by malware, it can cost your business time and money. It would take days for you to fix the issue on your own.

Providing Great Service

Google ensures that Google Partner companies provide great service. To remain a partner, AMP needs to maintain Google standards. We need to continually provide excellent service for our clients.

Access to Beta Features

Google has many features that they test out before they let the public have access to them. These features are typically the latest updates to Google’s Google Ads system & Tools.

We work directly with Google

The best thing about a Google Partner is that we work directly with Google. Your PPC Ads are operated through Google’s platform. They are one of the top search engine platforms to conduct searches.

View Our Partnership with Google

Companies that meet Googles Requirements to become a partner are allowed to promote and service Google Ads Professionally and are granted a “BADGE”.

You can directly click on the BADGE itself to be taken off to Google where we are marketed Certified Google Partners.