Managed Fee

+ $300 Google Spend for Google Adwords Campaign

$250 Monthly

+ $399.95 Setup Fee (One Time)

Managed Fee

+ $500 Google Spend for Google Adwords Campaign

$300 Monthly

+ $399.95 Setup Fee (One Time)

Managed Fee

+ $750 Google Spend for Google Adwords Campaign

$400 Monthly

+ $399.95 Setup Fee (One Time)

Managed Fee

+ $1,000 + Google Spend for Google Adwords Campaign

$500+ Monthly

+ $399.95 Setup Fee (One Time)

Pay Per Click Management

In today’s world of rapid change and technological evolution, there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you want to do. Our digital marketing expert strategists at Advantage Media Partners can help you with your marketing goals, using our proprietary dynamic protocols to ensure you achieve maximum exposure in the digital landscape. Our AdWords campaign managers have years of experience, and they know how to launch and maintain a successful digital marketing campaign. They are capable, ready, and willing to help you get your name out to the world.

About Google AdWords

At Advantage Media Partners, we have been managing successful online marketing campaigns for small, medium and large businesses for over a decade. Along the way, we have absorbed knowledge and experience from countless campaigns.

We understand that all marketing campaigns have monetary limits. We believe the secret to creating a cost-effective campaign is to not only know when and how high to bid your AdWords, but to also have a strong Organic SEO backbone in your site. Our SEO Wizards, as we affectionately like to call them, will ensure that you achieve a satisfactory ranking with your Organic SEO, regardless of whether your AdWords are running at the time. Organic SEO is not an instant fix.

It takes time, research, and dedicated Web Developers to make it happen. If it is built correctly, your Organic SEO will ensure that your Brand can be found in Search Engine Results regardless of your paid advertising budget or your ad schedule.

Click to Call

In Click to Call Campaigns, bids are placed on specific keywords and phrases in order to be found for those specific keywords and phrases within Search Engine Results. These campaigns can be tailor-made to display in a given geographic region, nationwide in the U.S., or even globally. Bids are made on particular words and phrases for specific times of day and they can be made to relate to a specified geographical region. When a potential customer clicks on your ad, which is called a “Conversion,” and visits your website that particular bid expires. We will ensure that those bids which generated those clicks don’t go to waste.  Advantage Media Partners, in partnership with Google, have software in place to keep your competitors from clicking on your ads when they have no intention of using your services. We can also ensure a successful campaign by making sure that your click budget is not misspent on keywords that don’t convert clicks to sales. When all is said and done, it is conversions that count.

Our digital marketing expert strategists monitor the effectiveness of certain keywords and phrases in order to keep abreast of what is trending – what is getting people to click on ads. When a client wants to be found for a given keyword or phrase, we perform thorough research to determine what the competitors are doing and what is working or not working for them. Because we can see what your competitors are doing and what their results are like, we can create an effective campaign for you without engaging in a lot of guesswork.

Monthly, Fixed Budget

We provide professional guidance and you decide the budget limitations.

Simple Reporting

Monthly or real-time reporting can be requested for your advertising campaign

Ad Targetability

Reach your ideal customers with both geographic and demographic ad targeting.

Local Targeting

We can target ads nationally, sometimes local is a better starting point.

**Additional fees may apply for hosting, domain name procurement and management, maintenance, and/or any additional website design and development services. Any Advantage Media Partners clients may retain their websites should they choose to cease their advertising campaign with us. We will transfer site files to the client upon request. If an advertising campaign is no longer required, clients may continue to host their website with Advantage Media Partners ten (10) dollars per month. An additional fee may be required if transfer services are required to move a client’s website to another provider. A fixed-bid estimate for this services will be provided upon request.**