Search Engine Optimization Packages

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization”, is the most important part of promoting your website online.  SEO is a marketing process in growing your website visibility in the “organic” (Non-Paid) search results.  There are so many SEO technical and creative design elements required to improve your site’s rankings, drive traffic and to increase awareness in the search engines.  SEO is where your business needs to be.

Advantage Media Partners, will do an in-depth Website Analysis, to look at many factors within the site that is or will hold you back from reaching the first pages of the search engines & social site’s. Then, we will look at your competitor’s marketing strategy, research what your audience is doing and looking for on the search engines. In all actuality we are needing you to rank with your competitor’s, but then taking the traffic to bring to your website. So, it is going to be very important to use three factors when doing your “SEO” search engine optimization.

Our SEO Packages have a setup fee to start and create / maintain (this is a one time fee)

**Doing SEO for 1 Month will not fix the Errors you may have 100%**

How To Promote Your Website On Google

Advantage Media Partners will also keep you current on Google’s forever changing algorithm’s. Google makes over 500-600 changes to their algorithm’s every year. So, when looking to hire an SEO firm or SEM otherwise known as search engine marketing company that they offer you the ongoing training support & advice.  Advantage Media Partners offers a wide variety of business marketing, whether it is a new Website design, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing we have the solution here, so don’t forget to get your Free Website Analysis.

Additional SEO Services:

SSL Certificate (yearly cost) -$150.00
*SSL Secure Sockets Layer: We create an internal site verification which lets Google, and other search engines, to verify your website is safe and secure to do any sort of payment or transaction with your customers.
PR Submission: One (1) Press Release to 350 sites: Google, Bing, ABC, CBS, etc… – $150.00
*We create a unique article about your website, and submit it to 350 media sites. This is where we include popular keywords and phrases, all having to do with your business/services.

Advantage Media Partners Search Engine Optimization Marketing Procedure:

  • Website Analysis:  In-depth website analysis, looking at factors that are holding your website back!
  • XML Sitemap: Creating a document that robots from search engines can read all of your website’s links | example:,
  • Keyword Research w/ Competitive Analysis & Integration: We will research low competition but higher search volume keywords and integrate them into the website.
  • Creating Title Tags & Descriptions: We’ll scan the whole website and adding/rewrite titles and adding descriptions to each page within the website. This is what Google will display in the search engines.
  • Re-naming images & Adding Alt Tags A lot of images uploaded to website are named (example: 0123781334js02.png or random numbers and letters) we would retitle them around the keywords we do research on and even add alt tags which is alternative text describing the image if the picture won’t load
  • Proper Internal Page Linking: Integrating internal page links to other pages within the website. So for example on the home page we would add links within the content of the website to other pages.

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