R & J Roadside Repairs is a business that specializes in providing a range of 24/7 roadside repair services for semi-trucks and tractors. Keeping trucks on the road and freight moving is an important job for truckers and consumers alike.

R & J needed a website with fast access to their contact information and our expert web design team delivered on the task. We determined that phone calls were going to be the primary source of business for R & J and we decided to place as much emphasis on the phone number as possible on the landing page. This decision will also help support the ad campaign our expert ads specialists developed, that will be running alongside the website.

In order to accomplish this, we placed a large CTA in the center of the banner on the homepage that features the business’s phone number. Our expert web design team created a custom banner above the navigation that prominently features the business’s phone number as well. In addition to the phone number, our expert web design team included additional information about the service area and the 24/7 nature of the business that was important to include above the fold.

r & j roadside website design by expert web design team
Primary phone number CTA’s circled in red, secondary information circled in green.

Working together with the R & J team our expert web design team created a custom website that focuses on phone calls and the 24/7 hour nature of the business and includes secondary information such as some background information about the businesses and details of their services. 

This fully responsive and modern website is an important asset for R & J as they continue to grow their business. One of the great advantages of utilizing our expert web design team and services is that the website will easily scale as they grow and our team of experts is always available to help with that process!  

full capture of website by expert web design team
full capture of landing page website

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