Simply having a website does not guarantee profitability or exposure on the web. As a business, you need to show your expertise, professionalism, and uniqueness to stand out in your industry while establishing a good relationship with your customers. The best way of pursuing these goals is through leveraging the power of social media.

Creating accounts for your business for social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter is a great start but only a stepping stone for what is needed to properly guide users to your official website. If your ultimate goal is to drive visitors to your website then your first step should emphasize eye catching and thought to provoke creative content via social media posts that then becomes the portal to connect your website directly to the consumers. Here’s some helpful tips:

Know where to place your keywords. Use the main key phrase in the first paragraph and again in the last paragraph. Be sure to include keywords in the text, but donโ€™t force anything unnatural. Keep your headline short and sweet. Limit the title to five to eight words, and make it interesting and clickable. Google News indexes 65 characters, including spaces.

Tell your consumer what to do! Make sure there is a call to action. It gets radically better results. Make sure to use the full URL link to the place where the action can be taken, as some sites might republish the press release without your anchor text (links embedded in words).

Believe that search engine optimization and social media integration can be fun creative and worthwhile. If your business needs a professional team to work with you on any of your goals make sure to contact Advantage Media Group.