Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows that Social Media has been a game changer on the Internet in the last 10 years. There are multiple platforms out there that make it easier to discover and share information. Advantage Media Partners offers a variety of Social Media Advertising Campaigns. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are among the highest ranking places on the web where social interactions happen and can be a great place to meet and find interested new prospective clients. These platforms will help build relationships, drive traffic to your business and attract new customers through friends that are talking about your business. Social media sites have a more casual environment that can help build brand awareness and help your business educate the public about industry information while creating a community around your brand.

Useful tips when getting started with a Social Media Advertisement Campaign.

Spreading the Word:  Creatively show your customers and prospects who your business is and what your business can do for them. Use as multiple outlets and get your brand out there.

Drive Sales: Entice your customers with special offers that are so good they’ll share them with their friends and possibly go viral!

Share useful information: Social media marketing is about sharing and engaging with your customers and not just about promoting your business. Share information about the related topic in your industry and make sure you are engaging with your audience.

Provide Great Customer Service:  Listen and respond to what your customers are saying about your brand. Your customers are the best resource you have about your products or service. Utilize what they are talking about.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back: Building a profound relationship with your customers is what social media is all about. It is important that they get to know, like, and trust you and your product or service.

The best part about social media is the discovering and sharing of cool or useful information. Every interaction you have through social media has the potential to reach brand new people and a wide variety of clients.  The most successful businesses know and understand that marketing does not end with the sale. Your work actually has just begun after the first sale. Traditional marketing activities that still work for you, like advertising in a magazine, a local newspaper, sending direct mail, cold calling, attending networking events and of course email marketing are still essential to your mix.  However, social media marketing is now the most crucial component of an effective marketing strategy and works best when combined with other marketing activities.

Social Media Management Helps Your Business Grow

Content is King
When posting content think about what your customers will find interesting and inspiring. You can experiment with different types of content. Facebook insights on your page will help you see what kind of results each post receives. This will help you construct a future post to engage Facebook users.
Be Authentic
It is important to be authentic. Share what you are genuinely excited about and your customers may share your enthusiasm. You also want to be consistent. Your posts should be on a regular basis. The more often you share the more chance you have at connecting with customers. This connection can help build trust.
Building Trust
Also, to help build trust you want to be responsive. Interacting with clients by commenting back, or responding to messages, will let customers know they have your attention. Once you notice that people are engaging you want to keep up the momentum. A post that receives a lot of positive feedback would be a good post to promote. When you promote that post it will reach even more Facebook users. This type of advertising will potentially help bring in more clients by exposing your business.
Google & Bing Maps
In order to get business, your customers need to know where your business is. In today’s digital world every person is searching online. Having your business on Google or Bing maps will enhance your exposure. This means more online users can find your business! Don’t miss out on potential clients that are searching for a business like yours. Get verified on Google or Bing maps today!
Account Creation
In today’s changing digital market it is important to be exposed on multiple platforms. Advantage Media Partners has a team of social media and marketing experts ready to answer your questions. Our team of experts can assist in increasing your exposure by creating social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages.

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