Meet Advantage Media Partners

Working to get the results you want and need!

Leadership and Management

These are the people who keep the ball rolling around here! They keep the positive energy up and the music at a moderate volume level. But they don’t just motivate our teams, they also take your calls when you need an expert to handle your campaign! It would all be chaos without them, so they should really take a bow.

Bryce Browning

VP of Sales

Jimmy Woodworth

Marketing Manager

Google Strategists

Our strategists have been specially trained to understand how digital advertising works, and how it can help you! No matter what your marketing goals are, they know how to use Google’s highly flexible campaigns to help you achieve them. And if you don’t know where to start, they can help get you off the ground, even if you don’t have a website yet! Their goal is to give you the results you want to see with a plan that’s reliable and affordable. And look how much fun they have doing it!

Kellie Meyers

Account Manager

Ryan Downs

Account Manager

Madeline Shepherd

Account Manager

Grant Beckman

Account Manager

Regina Orosco

Account Manager

Zach Blanton

Account Manager

Marketing Team

Our marketing team is the backbone of our business, and it’s what sets us apart from our competitors. Instead of outsourcing our calls, we have these outstanding people reach out to those that we think could benefit from our services. They know and believe in what we do, and because we’re all part of the same team here at our office, they can get you to a strategist to answer your questions without having to wait on hold forever. We’re committed to making sure you’re always connecting with someone who cares!

Chris Serratos

Search Marketing Lead

Philip Syring

Search Marketing

Sean Macqueston

Search Marketing

Logan Geehan

Search Marketing

Cynthia Quarentello

Search Marketing

Josh Jewsbury

Search Marketing

The Nerd Herd

These wizards are in charge of turning your dream into a reality. From fun, innovative web design to intuitive, comprehensive search engine optimization, this team does it all. We specialize in optimizing your website for all platforms, making sure that everyone who clicks your ad will be able to find the information they need regardless of what device they’re using! If you ever have any questions about how your website works, these guys will walk you through it all!

Jeremy Maderang

Web Development

Damien Cross

Web Development

Chris Sanders

Search Engine Optimization

Customer Service

Our customer service team is composed of a few of our most senior staff – and an adorable labradoodle! Only those that really understand how Google advertising works, from start to finish, will be handling things like billing and campaign management. They are our first line of communication with you once you’re a customer, and they love to just call you out of the blue to make sure you’re happy with your campaign! If you’re not, they’re eager to help! And yes, Oomka would love it if you came by and pet him.

Nikki Cook

Customer Service Rep


Customer Service Dog